Cat Grooming In Spokane Is Here To Stay! Yes We Groom Cats Too.

Cat Grooming In Spokane Is Here To Stay! Yes We Groom Cats Too.

We love grooming cats and have groomed the cats of Spokane for many years. There are lots of dog groomers around, but we are one of the few cat groomers.

Why is that so? That’s a question we are asked all the time by our customers. The thing about cat grooming is that it’s difficult and can be dangerous for the uninitiated. Firms like PetCo and PetSmart used to do cat grooming but gave up for this reason.

So if that’s the case, how come we’re happy to do cat grooming? Well, it’s all about psychology. If you know how cats think and how they behave, you can be one step ahead of them and groom cats to your heart’s content.

People who don’t understand the intricacies of cat psychology will find themselves in all sorts of trouble if they try to get physical with cats. They get cat fever and tetanus infections from bites and scratches. These infections will put them in hospital faster than you can say ‘Here Kitty’.

As one of the small number of cat grooming services in Spokane, we are busy, but we are always happy to accommodate new customers. So contact us and we will be pleased to take care of your cat.


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