Dog Training Tips – How To Train A Dog

Dog Training Tips – How To Train A Dog

Some people may think that dog training is good for people but not for the dog, which is being forced to behave as people want it to. That’s not true. In fact, dog training is great for dogs. A trained dog is happier and better adjusted than one that has not been trained. So dog training is a win-win situation all round, you get well behaved dogs and people who are happy with their dogs.

Whats the alternative to training dogs? An untrained dog will cause all kinds of trouble and not be wanted by anyone. It will bark uncontrollably, frighten people, bite people and children, run into the road and disturb road users, possibly causing road accidents. Ultimately untrained dogs will not last long in society and will have to be put down by a vet.

Many people have a natural knack when it comes to training dogs. Those people will be good managers of people, particularly in the workplace, and of children. So what is the secret to dog training? Just like managing people effectively, there are a number of things to do when training dogs:

  1. Be consistent. Stick to your rules, then the dog never gets confused and always knows where it stands.
  2. Reward good behavior. You can do this with the tone of your voice, petting the dog, or giving dog biscuits.
  3. Punish bad behavior. Again, you use your voice to show disapproval.
  4. Be firm. You cannot be soft hearted or lenient if the dog needs training. If training is needed, keep doing the training. Don’t let anything get past you in terms of unacceptable behavior.
  5. Never give up. You my feel tired at times, but you must keep at it, and keep working towards the standard of behavior that’s needed. If you keep doing the above, relentlessly, you will get the results you need to see.

Management comes naturally to some people, they will manage situations, people, dogs that they come across just walking around, because they are natural managers. But if management does not come naturally to you, just follow the steps above and you will be able to train your dog successfully.



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